Turn Your Images into a Slideshow

One of the best ways to show off your images is by creating a slideshow. There are many do-it-yourself programs available that will do a good job of it.

But there is an advantage to hiring someone like me to create a slideshow for you.

Besides photography, I've been a musician since I got my first guitar at age 13. My musical training allows me to choose the right music for your show and to coordinate your images with the music.

I use the best slideshow software available, ProShow Producer, and I have years of experience with it. I know how to add the right effect at the right moment, and I often create new effects from scratch.

All of my shows include motion. Where it helps the show, I'll make your photos zoom in or out and move across the screen.

Shows can be as action-packed or as sedate as you like.

Custom opening titles and closing credits are also included.