USA Travel

Stock Photography

Looking for photos of the USA? I offer publication-ready stock travel photography from all 50 states.

Rights-managed licensing for editorial and commercial use in print or on the web.

Download high-quality, high-resolution JPEG images instantly.

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Consulting & Tutoring

Learn Photoshop, Lightroom & More

Having trouble getting started with your software or computer?

Learn Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, ProShow Gold/Producer and general computer skills.

One-on-one instruction so you learn at your own pace.

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Websites and Graphic Design for Print

Need a website to showcase your photography? Let me help you create a site that suits your style.

Tired of printing your own business cards on flimsy photo paper? Need a brochure or other printed material? I'll create a custom design and have it professionaly printed on high-quality paper.

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Custom Slideshows

Want to wow your audience with your photography?

A custom, high-definition slideshow of your images or video looks great on HDTV or a projector. Or share them on the web.

Shows include music, pan-and-zoom motion, transitions, titles and closing credits, all customized for you.

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PHOTO Editing

Organize Your Photos

Have a ton of images that you've never had time to edit? Need an critical eye to choose your best?

I'll upload your images to Lightroom, sort them out and return them to you on a disc ready to use.

Cropping and processing is also available. Spend less time editing images and have more time to create them.

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